• Thermal solution for HTPC
    Deepcool OEM team design the customerlized solution for HTPC manufacture to solve the thermal question caused by high power. Components including heatsink, heatpipe and copper plate are assembled to be a passive cooling system to avoid the noise to create super high silent enjoyment. The HTPC solution is universal designed for sockets 775/1156/AM2/AM3. By moving the heatpipes in two-dimensional directions, the HTPC solution can be assembled with all motherboards. cooling
  • Thermal solution for vending machine
    Deepcool develop the excellent cooling system for vending machine to keep the compressor working constantly. Space restriction and tough working environment challenge us to find a suitable solution. Because of environment corrosion, we give up the heatpipe design to avoid the liquid leakage from heatpipes. Both the extrusion with limited high aspect ratio and the fan with two ball bearings guarantee the thermal performance in a long term. heatsink
  • Thermal solution for fanless case
    Deepcool OEM team designs the cooler with incredible ten heatpipes according to customer’s requirement for fanless case. Considering to the big fin surface, we select ten heatpipes which could transfer the heat more efficiently. Big gap between fins make air pass through the fin sets with the least resistance. The space for fan assembly is preserved also in case that customer has the demand for active cooling solution. Heatpipe