RGB 100 Plus
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RGB Lighting
RGB lighting that brightly lights up your entire rig.
RGB Lighting
RGB lighting that brightly lights up your entire rig.
Magnetic Mounting
Magnetic mounting design allows you to easily and firmly attach RGB 100 Plus to you PC case. Only applies to iron-based surfaces.
Series Connection Capable
Serial connector allows you to easily connect several strips together.
Stable and Long Lifespan
Estimated 100,000-hour operational lifespan and provided with a safe 12V power supply.
Software Control
Software control is accessible if your motherboard features RGB SYNC and a 12V RGB 4-pin port.
Bright customizable RGB lighting.
Includes 1 RGB cable for software control.
Magnet-mounting for iron-based surfaces.
Series connection capable.
Stable and long lifespan.
Soft and bendable design.
NOTE: Applicable with motherboards with RGB header.

Technical Spec

Length of LED strips 300mm
Length of Extension cable 500mm
Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness:300*10*3mm
Number of LED Lights 18pcs
Weight 23g (with package: 53g)
Rated Power 90mW
Rated Current 20mA
Peak Current 100mA
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Working Temperature -20→ +60℃
Storage Temperature -35 → +80℃
Working Environment Indoor use only
Product package dimension 203*154*20mm
Master carton dimension 468*296*407mm
Quantity packed each carton 80pcs
EAN 6933412795797