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SDas Steam Castle Gehäuse ist ein hochwertiges Gaming-PC Gehäuse mit einer Kompatibilität zu Grafikkarten von bis zu 320 mm Länge. Der Steam-Punk Stil macht das Gehäuse zu einem unverwechselbaren Stück Hardware. Die ausgezeichnete Belüftung wird durch mehrere Luftkanäle auf der Vorder- und Rückseite sowie den Seiten und mit Hilfe des 200 mm Lüfters realisiert, die zusammen für ein exzellentes Belüftungskonzept sorgen.
Innovatives und inspiriertes Design

Multifunktionelles hochqualitatives Gaming Gehäuse


Zwei unabhängige 2,5 Zoll Schächte unterstützen das Einrichten eines SSD-Raids.

Geeignet für Grafikkarten von bis zu 320 mm sowie Dual-SLI Konfigurationen.

Werkzeugfreie 2,5 und 3,5 Zoll SSD und HDD Installation.

Vorinstallierter 200 mm in der Front.

Vorinstallierter, schwarzer 120mm Lüfter an der Rückseite.

Die Oberseite unterstützt bis zu 240 mm Lüfter / Radiatoren.

Vorgesehen für mATX Mainbords.

Ästhetik gepaart mit einem starken Auftritt

Sehr einfach selbst zu konfigurieren

Wechselbare LED Beleuchtung in Blau, Rot und Grün an der Oberseite.

Durchsichtiges Seitenfenster.

Einfache Installation und Wartung

Abnehmbare Laufwerksblende an der Front.

Abnehmbares Seitenteil zur leichten Reinigung.

Drei Lufteinlässe mit Staubfiltern.

Detaillierter und konstruktiver Aufbau

Einfacher Zugang

USB-Anschlüsse, Buchsen und Schalter an der Gehäuseseite.

LED-Steuerung an der Seitenwand.

Regelbare LED-Helligkeit

Sinnvolle Lösungen um die Komponenten zu schützen


Unterstützt CPU-Flüssigkeitskühler

Unterstützt 120 mm und 140 mm Lüfter.

Unterstützt bis zu zwei PCI-Grafikkarten.

Netzteil im Boden für optimale Raumaufteilung.

30 mm angehobener Gehäuseboden zur optimale Belüftung des Netzteils

Gumminoppen um Vibrationen des Netzteils zu unterdrücken.

Herausnehmbarer Staubfilter unter dem Netzteil.


Gummihalterung und Staubfilter für das Netzteil
Einzigartiges, postmodernes Steampunk-Design, sehr beeindruckend
Seitenfenster, 4 Luftauslässe an der Gehäuseoberseite
Die breite Bauweise ist wie geschaffen für große und leistungsstarke Luftkühler und leistet gute Belüftungseigenschaften, ohne dass das Mainboard zu viel nach unten gezogen wird (wie bei Tower-ATX-Gehäusen üblich).
4 vorinstallierte LEDs an der Oberseite mit unterschiedlichen Effekten (Farbwechsel, Helligkeit, Pulsieren, Lüftersteuerung).
Je zwei USB 3.0 und 2 USB-Anschlüsse
Vorinstallierte 200 mm (Front) und 120 mm (Rückseite) Lüfter
Kompatibel mit Micro-ATX und Mini-ITX Mainboards
Unterstützt die Installation von Grafikkarten von bis zu 320 mm Länge
Zwei Schlaucheinlässe für den Anschluss externer Wasserkühlungen
Werkzeuglose Installation von 2,5 und 3,5 Zoll Laufwerken
Unabhängige 2,5 Zoll Laufwerksschächte unterstützen den Aufbau einen SSD-RAIDs
Zwei-Kammer Struktur für beste Wärmeableitung und Kompatibilität
Technischer Spezifikationen
Größe (L x B x H) 406*278*420mm
Gewicht 6.8KG
5,25 Zoll Schächte 1
3,5 Zoll Schächte 3  (Switchable  to 2.5")  (2 tool-free installation)
2,5 Zoll Schächte 2   (tool-free installation)
I/O Blende 2×USB3.0/2×USB2.0/Audio×1/Mic×1
Erweiterungen 4
Lüfter Rear: 120mm black fan pre-installed
Front: 200mm black fan pre-installed
Netzteil Typ ATX PS2 (max: 160mm length)  (W150*L160*H86mm)
CPU-Kühler Kompatibilität max200mm height
Grafikkarten- Kompatibilität max320mm length

  • DEEPCOOL Steam Castle "Steam-Punk" Case Review
    the DEEPCOOL Steam Castle is an interesting chassis but the unique design and above average cooling performance。First of all, the look of the chassis is definitely a love or hate affair. Personally, we really like what DEEPCOOL was going for with the steam-punk inspired design but many of you might not agree. The big saving grace for the DEEPCOOL Steam Castle was the above average cooling performance we saw in our testing. The 200mm intake fan kept hard drive temps low, GPU temps in check and fed enough cool outside air to our CPU cooler to keep things nice and chilly even with the system under constant load. Support for a single 240mm / 280mm all-in-one cooler in a push-pull configuration is also a nice feature.
  • DeepCool Steam Castle Review
    DeepCool with the Steam Castle brings home a couple of award from us due to its unique line and its design until now unique in the genre. The allocation of a bulkhead windowed plexyglass closes the circle and ensures the Steam Castle our Design Award. The DeepCool Steam Castle, as we had mentioned in the introduction, it was a case that, just presented, immediately made headlines for her looks, as well as for its ability to accommodate without problems excellent configuration of gaming medium / high. To complete the budget we find an LED lighting system that allows not only to change the color (including Red, Green, Blue or off) but also to modify the intensity of the same. The quality of materials is at least good for the inside, because we would have preferred noblest materials of plastic for the outer covering of a house that goes back to the style Steampunk. The interior space is not lacking in the Steam Castle and a pairing with an AIO and a set of fans of the same DeepCool would be the perfect combination. The price at which you can take home the new DeepCool Steam Castle is about 90 € price very competitive compared to other houses of this type. I personally recommend the DeepCool Steam Castle if you want a house look "urban" can easily accommodate configurations based Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX.
  • DeepCool Steam Castle
    In terms of value the DeepCool Steam Castle is a good case for the money(100 US Dollars), not only does it offer a special aesthetic,it is also highly functional and will give users the space and resources needed to get their rig built how they want.The cube factor of the case will also make it easy for users to be left with a clean looking build that they will more than likely wish to show off to everyone.When all is said and done the DeepCool Steam Castle is a great looking case that was designed well.If you are in the market for an m-ATX cube case this should definitely be on the list to be considered.There is not too much for me to say, Ι love it.
  • Deep Cool Steam Castle Micro-ATX Case Review
    Overall we think the Deep Cool Steam Castle is a decent option for a micro-ATX gaming build. The aesthetic design of the case is sure to divide opinion and could not exactly be described as understated … but we think that it will appeal to a select enthusiast audience. There are two fans included as standard in the Steam Castle which is what we would expect from a case at this price point. In our thermal and acoustic tests, the case performed quite well with the added bonus of an integrated fan controller which will let you achieve a good balance between cooling and acoustic performance.
  • DeepCool Steam Castle: A home truly special
    In this case DeepCool has managed to surprise in a positive manner, giving us the ability to appreciate once again an excellent product, certainly not free of defects (such as the lack of a dust filter on the front of the case), but still able to their way through a wide range of competing solutions. The assembly of the components has proved quite simple. The internal space can accommodate all the hardware without particular problems. Once assembled the system, the result is a work ordered and free of cables and power supply wires. Also remember that you can install radiators up to 240mm on the top of the case, which will definitely useful for experienced users and search of masime performance from their system. We appreciate however the choices of innovative DeepCool, which in many cases were detected farsighted and correct. Finally we report the presence of LEDs always on top of the case, can change color (Red, Blue and Green), and intensity of light, giving an even more refined and sophisticated product. The new DeepCool Steam Castle is available on the market at an average price of about € 85 including VAT , figure justified by the features offered and excellent build quality. Ultimately, we recommend the purchase of homes to all users who want a good product with compact dimensions, with excellent materials and unique look and flashy.
  • Обзор корпуса Deepcool Steam Castle. Любителям стимпанка посвящается
    Deepcool Steam Castle является своеобразной вариацией на тему интересного шасси. Его дизайн может показаться кому-то спорным, но, на самом деле, он четко выдержан в заданном стиле и ничего лишнего здесь нет. Что хорошего есть в корпусе? Прежде всего — удобное расположение компонентов, при котором ко всем деталям открыт доступ в случае необходимости. Кроме того, шасси имеет приличное качество сборки и покраски, хорошую жесткость конструкции. И самое примечательное — при своих небольших размерах оно вполне подходит для установки жидкостного охлаждения. Дополнительной приятной особенностью можно считать систему подсветки и управления вентиляторами.
    To sum up the Deepcool Steam Castle it’s one of those cases that you’re definitely going to love or hate, the eccentric design based on the SteamPunk phenomenon is certainly drifting away from conventional case design. Putting the external appearance aside, internally it does a great job once everything is installed. Yes it can be quite awkward installing certain components with limited space in some areas, but with a little forward planning you could have yourself a nice, neat build. The two-tier design works quite well, especially in the upper tier having more room than your average case so installing those tall heatsinks won’t be a problem. Or better still you can install a 240mm radiator in the roof giving you more room within the case and better airflow.
  • 개성 강한 펑크 스타일 케이스! - [Deepcool Steam Castle]
    이번 Deepcool의 Steam Castle은 그 동안에 선보였던, Deepcool의 케이스들 중 가장 디자인이 눈에 띄는 모델입니다. 미니 트랜드에 맞춘 미니타워 컨셉과 개성 강한 스타일의 Punk Style이 Steam Castle의 가장 큰 매력이라 할 수 있으며, 여기에 LED 튜닝 유무와 색상에 따른 총 9가지의 다양한 종류로 나와있다라는 점에서 사용자의 선택 영역은 상당히 넓어 원하는 모델을 접하기에 유익하다 할 수 있습니다. 또한, 부족하지 않는 저장장치 지원과 수냉 쿨러 지원까지 갖추고 있어 고성능PC를 꾸미는데도 손색없습니다. 아쉬운 점이라면, 디자인에서 색상부분을 들 수 있는데, 표면에 라인과 스크류 디자인이 함께 되어있는데, 단조롭게 단색으로만 전체 도색처리된 부분은 약간 디자인 느낌을 살리는데 아쉬움이 있습니다. 하지만, 기존의 M-ATX 미니타워 케이스들 중 가장 개성 강한 디자인을 가졌기 때문에, 개성있는 케이스를 찾는다면, Punk Style의 Steam Castle이 제격이라 생각됩니다.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle Review
    Deepcool Steam Castle Review
  • DeepCool Steam Castle Review
    Steam Castle Video Review
  • Deepcool Steam Castle review
    In terms of the choice of possible configurations of computers body versatile enough - of course, subject to the maximum possible size of the board. But the video card can be placed almost any - model length over 320 mm must still search. A five-disk and one optical drive to most potential buyers will be enough. The choice of four colors including classic black, elegant white, bright yellow and red, which will satisfy different tastes. It remains only to wait for the retail prices for the Russian market, and if they're not much exceed the above $ 120, then the body Deepcool Steam Castle is quite possible to predict success. And while we award him a medal for the original design.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle Case Review
    I really liked the Steam Castle when I was first shown it at CES back in January and after having it for a few weeks and installing a system in it I still do like it very much. The design of this case really does catch the eye. I remember years ago when so many case manufacturers had themed cases, but it seems lately we have not seen that. It is good to see Deepcool, a newer computer in the PC Case space do this. The steampunk look is great, but is something you are either going to like or hate. The addition of the light-up steam vents at the top of the case really does add to the steampunk look as well.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle Case Review
    The Steam Castle micro-ATX case from Deepcool is nothing if not original. It’s one of those cases that I enjoy that people will either love or hate; there is no middle ground here. Speaking purely in a functional sense, it works and without too much trouble. Personally, I love it. The size and appearance are more than enough to overcome the small drawbacks. With a list price of $99 at the time of this writing, I think the Steam Castle case from Deepcool is a great buy. It’s unique, it’s quiet, it’s small and it’s functional. If you’re on the side of the fence that likes the way it looks, I can recommend it without reservation. I hope to see many mods of this case in the future. As much as I dislike judging on appearance, a case like this leaves little choice. I like it myself, and because of that, and the feature set it has at the price point it’s at, I’m giving the Steam Castle case from Deepcool our Silver Key award. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle Review
    DeepCool Steam Castle uses the exact same frame as the Xigmatek Aquila and Aerocool DS Cube, which is by no means a bad thing as the frame is quite potent and functional. With the ability to install fans into the top without sacrificing the 5.25" bay and while leaving the external 3.5" drive's frame there for you to install a hard drive as long as you do not use a long graphics card, DeepCool made sure the chassis remains as functional as possible. The Steam Castle also ups the ante by including four USB ports as part of its I/O panel and a fan / LED controller, which brings us to what sets this chassis apart from all the others—its looks. It may be similar to the Aerocool on the inside, but, boy, does it take the cake once you place the two side by side. DeepCool has done a great job in capturing the steam-punk vibe with the Steam Castle, and the front's and top's very elaborate plastic molds are nothing to scoff at—on the contrary. The level of detail is quite impressive. Add the four embedded LED lights in the ceiling, which can be set to light up in three different colors, and you get a chassis which requires no modding to look extraordinary right out of the box. Sure, the look may not be for everyone, but those who like it, will love it.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle BK Micro ATX Case Review
    Deepcool is making quite the bold statement with the Steam Castle, as it provides features that you won’t really find on another chassis. Many cases today have gone way of simplistic and flat design, but the Steam Castle introduces steampunk styling to give it more flare. With that said, it’s going to be giant ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ relationship amongst people looking in this price and size category. Overall I had a very pleasant experience working with the Steam Castle, so if you’re looking for a fairly small case with a very unique design, by all means don’t pass up checking out this case. The added touch of tool-free components and the lighting setup are really nice touches. Deepcool’s Steam Castle is a very funky case that you’ll either love or hate, but it has some unique features and design elements, plus lots of room and cooling potential in a compact box, that you can’t pass up on considering it for your next mATX build.
  • [OMF] DeepCool Steam Castle
    Deepcool nous présente ici un boitier qui sort de l’ordinaire à un tarif d’environ 89 €. Pour ce prix, ce « Cube » nous propose donc un boitier des plus sympas, que ce soit au niveau des fonctionnalités ou du bundle. L’ensemble est très bien travaillé autant au niveau des plastiques que des éléments en acier. Certains petit défauts comme la baie 2″1/5 qui peuvent gêner les connecteurs du GPU ou les câbles du front panel non gainés et un peu trop longs sont tout de même à prendre en compte
  • DEEPCOOL Steam Castle Review
    The design of the inside of the case is on point. There are removable hard drive cages and drive bays to make sure you have ample room for whatever you may need to fit inside. The motherboard tray also has cutouts to help users be able to manage there cables better and get them tucked out of the way. The inclusion of a front 200mm intake fan is a nice touch as that is a very good way to help ensure air is moving through the case swiftly without causing any noise disturbances.
  • Présentation boitier DeepCool SteamCastle
    Présentation boitier DeepCool SteamCastle
    DEEPCOOL STEAM CASTLE WH производит приятные впечатления. Высокое качество исполнения, оригинальный дизайн, простота сборки системы, продуманный кабель-менеджмент, наличие регулируемой подсветки, набор портов на лицевой грани, бесшумность – все это ожидается с привлекательным ценником для российской розницы. Корпус подойдет и для сборки игровой системы с видеокартами в режиме SLI/Crossfire. К минусам стоит отнести отсутствие противопылевых фильтров.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle B Micro-ATX Chassis Review - Final Thoughts
    By featuring an exterior that has never been tried before, Deepcool took a real chance with how aggressively styled as this chassis is. While the design is slightly extreme with short turrets on top of it, we still see more of an automotive essence to its styling, and with very little effort, this chassis could be made to look like a classic Cord, or Duesenberg of yesteryear. Love the design, or hate it, we still applaud Deepcool for being this aggressive in a very picky market. While the interior is essentially a layout we have seen before, the additional section of motherboard tray that allows Micro-ATX motherboards to be installed, without needing to mod the chassis or move to a vertical motherboard layout, is a great touch.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle - Test/Review
    The Deep Cool Steam Castle in steam punk style is not only optically a good figure. It is technically up to date and also provides some nice features such as fan control, separate ventilation areas, dust filters, lighting, etc. The processing has been very clean, and the price just to be called fair.
  • Deepcool Steam Castle Review
    While externally the Dead Silence and Steam Castle are very different, the shared internal design means that they are natural points of comparison to each other, and also that most of what actually matters (at least from a review standpoint) is the same or very similar. The out-of-box cooling from the Steam Castle is adequate but far from amazing, and if you're running one or even two mid-range or high-end graphics cards then an extra quiet fan or two fitted to the roof would make an appreciable difference. On the plus side, the noise levels of the case are very low, so for a discrete build the Steam Castle is a good contender.
  • DeepCool Steam Castle mATX Chassis Review
    When I first saw this chassis it was still in prototype stage, there were rough edges, the lighting and colour schemes seemed less refined and I’d had a few beers that impaired my judgement. Now with a clear head and a fully finished product, it’s clear to me that DeepCool have really put in the tool time on this chassis. The finish is superb, I was expecting it to feel cheap and tacky, with stuck on plastic grills and other nonsense, but that really isn’t the case. The who thing is well put together, the soft touch finish on the exterior panels looks and feels great, the ventilation is uniquely styled and I think they’ve done very well to capture the spirit of Steam Punk design.
    The Steam Castle of Deep Cool is a striking housing with interesting details and the Maelstrom 120 an AIO water cooling, which once does not come from Asetek or Alphacool and still quite unobtrusively do their job. The Deep Cool DA500 is certainly useful as a power supply, but it could certainly turn out also much smaller. Who does not like CWT products, will want to install something else anyway. It may not always be only high-end, smaller PCs can be fun at the end.
    Deepcool's Steam Castle is a rather unique case and designed for those who like somewhat different design or are looking for a new modding project. Unlike what you might think, the Steam Castle is not a small case at all, and with the right precautions, you should be able to install high-end video cards. The build quality is pretty good and the materials are pleasant to the touch.
  • Review: Deepcool Steam Castle
    For £69.99, Deepcool's Steam Castle succeeds at offering PC builders something a little different to the norm. Styled with steampunk ambitions and designed with various high-performance components in mind, the chassis will turn heads and can be used to put together a powerful mini- or micro-ATX build.
    The Steam Castle is the first Deepcool chassis to appear on our radar, and for the most part, we've come away pleasantly surprised. Build quality is solid throughout, the smooth-rubber coating provides a quality look and feel, and we appreciate the fact that Deepcool is trying something a little different.
  • DeepCool STEAM CASTLE Review
    Ever since DeepCool announced the Steam Castle we were eager to get this quirky new computer chassis in for review. There is no denying the appeal with this exciting new case because it drastically steps away from the norm in its external design. By the same token though, there's nothing subtle about the Steam Castle's looks. Deep Cool have opted for bold and curvy styling which is at odds with the current trend for rather monolithic exteriors; it seems almost as if they had their 'turbine' idea early on in the design process and decided to run with it, no matter the cost. The result is a chassis you love or you hate, but also unlike the busy (and often cheap-looking) designs of so-called gamer chassis.
    เป็นอย่างไรกันบ้างครับสำหรับ...DeepCool Steam Castle ตัวนี้ ส่วนตัวของผมเองแล้ว เมื่อดูการออกแบบในครั้งแรกๆ ก็ดูแปลกตาหรือออกแนวอาวกาศไปสักเล็กน้อย แต่ดูบางมุมก็ดูดีนะ แต่บางผมก็ยังดูว่ายังไม่ค่อยจะลงตัวสักเท่าไรนัก แต่พอได้ทดลองประกอบอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ เข้าไปก็พบว่ามันทำได้ค่อนค้างดีเลยทีเดียว สามารถติดตั้งอุปกรณ์เข้าไปได้อย่างง่ายดาย ไม่อึดอัดจนเกินไป บริเวณช่องลอดสายไฟต่างๆ ก็ทำออกมาได้พอดี เก็บสายง่าย จัดวางอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ ภายใน Case ได้ดีพอสมควร นอกจากนี้ยังสามารถติดตั้งหม้อน้ำขนาด 240mm เข้าไปได้พอดีอีกด้วย ส่วนตัวคิดว่าใส่พัดลมซ้อนกันบริเวณด้านหน้าและหลังหม้อน้ำก็คงทำได้สบายๆ เพราะ Case ตีโป่งขึ้นด้านบน สบายไปเลยครับ ส่วนช่องเสียบ Drive bay 5.25" และ 3.5" ด้านใน Case ก็สามารถถอดออกไปได้หากจำเป็นต้องถอดเพื่อหลบ VGA Card บางรุ่นที่ค่อนข้างยาว อาจจะทำให้การเสียบสายไฟเลี้ยง VGA ลำบาก เราก็สามารถถอด bay ชุดนั้นออกไปได้ครับ
    DEEPCOOL STEAM CASTLE WH makes a good impression. High quality of the original design, ease of assembly systems, thoughtful cable management, the presence of a controlled lighting, a set of ports on the front face, quiet - all with an attractive price tag expected for the Russian retail. Casing fits for assembling a gaming system with graphics mode SLI / Crossfire. The disadvantages include the lack of worth dust filters. DEEPCOOL STEAM CASTLE WH gets a well-deserved award, "Gold. Editor's Choice ».
  • Deepcool Steam Castle – recenzja obudowy
    Nowy produkt Deepcool wywarł na nas bardzo dobre wrażenie. Łatwo jednak zauważyć, że wykorzystuje on tą samą ramę co Xigmatek Aquila, co jednak nie jest niczym złym, ponieważ ten projekt jest jak najbardziej funkcjonalny.
  • DeepCool Steam Castle Micro ATX Chassis Review
    One of the things we all like about DeepCool is that they do their best to keep their prices low and with a current price tag set at USD89.99 inside the USA ( and at around 80Euros inside the EU the Steam Castle is no exception.
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